stephen faught
old work:
-I Want a Billion
-Pale Chapel
   -Marissa's Pale Blog
-Mystic Truths Revealed
-Old Masters
-What's It Like in New York City
-Untitled (White)
-Gallery Talk
-Art Inspired by Kittens Inspired by Kittens
-My Paper

ZM's Flip
acrylic and inkjet on canvas, wood

Proven Method
reverse acrylic on etched glass

acrylic on tile

Hot Dog DJ getting shot by Jack Ruby send tweet

ascisman's Request
acrylic on tile

Modular Swatch Display
veneer, wood

Poem #4
Amazon dash buttons on vinyl tile

Who's Afraid of Avenel, Teterboro and Harrisburg
Amazon dash buttons, acrylic on canvas

Sidewalk Shed for Mayor
acrylic, oil stain on wood


veneer, oil stain on wood

Poem #1
Amazon dash buttons on vinyl tile

Mobile Swatch Display
oil on canvas, oil stain and veener on wood

rattan, glass, essential oils, oil stain on wood

acrylic and oil stain on wood